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Have you ever struggled to assess whether a research project is even worth starting? Or been daunted by how to outline your research ideas to a potential supervisor or colleague? Then this template for pitching research is for you.

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Daniel Murray recently graduated with a Double Bachelor of Commerce and Science majoring in Finance and Mathematics. He’s also an avid NRL fan. The next logical step? Combine the two into a unique research project that’s sure to have footy fans on the edge of their seats. Daniel aims to unravel just what makes a football team tick. Fans argue over won-lost records, number of tackles and field goals, while coaches talk about teams “living up to their potential” in post-game media conferences. What if there was a quantitative way to measure a team’s potential? Using a stochastic frontier model, Daniel hopes to do just that.

Using quality data from the Australian National Rugby League organisation, Daniel plans to turn game statistics from the last decade into an assessment of team efficiency. It’s a model that will soon see him popular with NRL clubs across the country and investors around the world. Daniel’s model will provide data for individual teams to assess their ability to improve and to evaluate current inefficiencies. As each football season becomes more and more unpredictable in outcome, understanding how improvements in efficiency ratios can influence a team’s victory capacity will play an enormous role in the success of a club.

This website began as a collaborative effort between Robert Faff (UQ) and Keith Godfrey (UWA) to assist the preparation of research pitches. Robert has since joined Bond University and Keith the University of Alberta.

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