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Have you ever struggled to assess whether a research project is even worth starting? Or been daunted by how to outline your research ideas to a potential supervisor or colleague? Then this template for pitching research is for you.

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Patricia Eats is one of the finalists of the recent UQAPS Pitching Research Competition. She’s currently completing her PhD at the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI), where Australian cattle are top priority. She specializes in tissue cultures analysis for the examination of diseases in cattle.

In vitro models of living tissues have facilitated research into a range of phenomena, such as asthma and bacterial infection. By taking a sample of living tissue and keeping it alive in a suitable growth culture, it is possible to examine key processes that simply can’t be achieved with immortalized cell lines, which may have deviated from their original growth parameters.

An in vitro model for bovine respiratory illnesses is desperately needed. Respiratory illnesses in cattle are enormously detrimental to industry, yet have proved extremely difficult to study in the lab. The problem lies in finding a suitable medium for culturing of in vitro bovine respiratory tract epithelium. Patricia plans to examine a range of media designed for human respiratory tissue culture. Several commercially available human respiratory tract growth mediums contain bovine pituitary extract and insulin, which Patricia believes may be the missing link. By examining the growth of tissue explants from abattoir-slaughtered cattle, Patricia will be able to compare the efficacy of a range of media.

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